Medication packing

Remembering when to take medication and if it has been taken can easily result in under or over dosing of medications. Depending on the medication this can result in undesirable side effects, falls, hospitalisation and loss of independence.

If your medication profile changes it is easy to end up with half used boxes and bottles of medication increasing the risk of you or a loved one taking medication they shouldn’t be.

Having your medication expertly packed by the team at Twin Waters Pharmacy takes the stress and uncertainty out of medication and health management. Simplifying medication regimes can help you stay in your home longer and lets you focus on living your life. The best part is that there is no extra cost. Just pay for your scripts as you already do.

As a part of our packing services we will:
Dispense scripts as necessary
Pack your medication into a single easy to follow pack
Deliver it to you for free
Request new prescriptions from your GP*
Store all scripts and medication at the pharmacy.

All we require is an up to date medication profile from your GP.

* From time to time your doctor may request you visit them before they issue further prescriptions. We will inform you when this occurs.