2020 Flu Shots are here!!!

Protect yourself and others. Get your flu vaccine done this year at Twin Waters Pharmacy for only $19.95 if you are between 10 and 65 years old.
You can book an appointment.

***You can download and pre-fill the consent form here. Please wear something that allows easy access to the top of your arm to make vaccination quicker and easier***

Pharmacy vaccinations are convenient and time saving. It only take 20 mins and allowing you to keep going with your day while protecting you and the people around you. You don’t need a script to get your flu vaccine.

The best time to get your flu shot is April to May prior to the Flu season starting. 

Questions and Answers?

Q….What is the flu vaccine?
A……The immunisation vaccine uses the body’s natural defence mechanism to build resistance to infection.  This vaccine contains inactive particles that stimulate the immune system to help develop a resistance to the flu.

 Q….What are the potential side effects?
A……..The skin around the area vaccinated may become red or sore. You may experience itching, bruising or mild swelling.  Some people may experience a mild fever, muscle aches, headache, or swelling of lymph gland.  These symptoms usually resolve themselves within two days but please see your Pharmacist or healthcare professional if you are concerned. 

Q….Can everyone have the vaccine?
A……..Current guidelines recommend everyone from the age of 6 months receives an annual flu vaccination. If you have a known allergy to eggs or chicken feathers, or if you’ve had a known allergic reaction to vaccines in the past, you should talk to your GP.  We can vaccinate adults and children from the age of 10. If you are over 65 there is a different vaccination available through your GP.

Q….What if I am over 65+?
A…….In 2018, a new 65+ trivalent vaccine was launched in Australia. This vaccine is fully funded by the Australian Government to 65+ years and we are unable to access this particular vaccine at this stage. You will need to go to your GP to get this trivalent influenza vaccine. 

Q….Can I get the flu vaccine and still get the flu?
A…….Unfortunately no vaccine is 100% effective but evidence shows that the flu vaccine provides a good level of protection in healthy people. 

Q….. I can get my vaccine for free through my GP is it the same for Pharmacy Vaccinations?
A…. Unfortunately at this time vaccines subsidised through the NIP (National Immunisation Program) are not available in Queensland Pharmacies. You can still get your vaccination through us if you feel this would be the best way to vaccinate.

Q…. Do I need a script?
A……..No, a script will not be required. If you have children under 10 they you need need to get a script for their vaccines before returning to the GP for them to be vaccinated.

*If you walk in, there may be a delay in our ability to give the vaccine in a timely manner. Appointment is preferred. 

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