Nursing Home Services

Complete Medication Management

Our medication management systems are directly linked with the administration systems at St Mary’s Aged Care sites. This means that every medication order, including packed, non packed, injections and when required medications are reviewed by qualified and experienced pharmacists.

This allows for medication experts to ensure the medications orders are safe and appropriate and the medication supplied matches the medication charts.

As the medication charts are used as the prescriptions for most medications, there is no need to arrange prescriptions for your medication. In the situations when a prescription is required our team will organise this.

Same day medication delivery

With deliveries occuring every Monday to Friday with our own delivery team, we are able to provide same day delivery for any edication changes or resupply. There is no need to wait for an overnight courier delivery.

24 / 7 Care

Caring for you and your loved ones doesn’t end just because the shops are closed. St mary’s Nursing Homes have 24/7 access to our pharmacist services.

Emergency Delivery

If medication is urgently needed it often is available in the Emergency (Imprest) Medication Supply that is maintained within each Nursing Home. If other medication are needed then emergency deliveries are available 24/7.

Computer guided packing with Pharmacist checking

The best of both worlds. Utilising Webstercare’s Medspro packing system all medications are packed on site allowing for immeadiate updating to medication packes with accurate labeling that exactly matches the Resident Medication Profile at the Nursung Home.

After packing, each and every pack is pharmacist checked for accuracy. This system provides over 99.949% accuracy in our packed medications.